Monday, November 12, 2007

What's BIM

Never imagine to write such a tricky topic. Just today my boss asked me to write it down I guess it's time to share my understanding of it.

Building Information Model, in general, is a data management tool, specialized in building-life-cycle data management.

The word "Model" have different intrepretation. One very common is: "3D-model with embedded data about anything of a building".

In broader sense, "Model" have speaking term with "Methodology". In this domain, BIM would mean "a Specialized Method in managing Building Information". The database so described will not necessary follow the "real-form" of a building (i.e. 10 storey building = 10 folders of file containing 3D-model and related data), but be anything that will facilitate the management of data about a building. You can imagine a magical drawing rack which will throw you the precise information about anything of a building upon your verbal request.

To give another example, in a set tender documents, the tender drawings is a kind of BIM; while the specification book will be another, though both are old-fashioned and deficient. A good BIM should encapsulate the capability of both, in addition to other intelligent contents: e.g. maintenance log-book, hyperlink to manufacturer's web site, a video of presentation by the architect.

All in all, the form of BIM, today, usually come with the former case: a 3D model with embedded or intelligently-linked data. Just bear in mind that there are other possibilies than this.


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